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Why Choose The South of Scotland?

Centrally located and well connected

Stretching coast to coast across the South, from Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders in the East, to Portpatrick in Dumfries and Galloway in the West. The South of Scotland is alive to the region’s potential and looks ahead to an exciting and inclusive future, where the benefits of growth and investment are shared by all who have a stake in the South of Scotland.  We pride ourselves on all the region has to offer; our natural capital assets, skilled workforce, and an innovative approach in allowing global businesses to thrive in a beautiful location. 

We have your team

Growing your business in the South of Scotland could not be easier with support from professional links and eight education providers in the region. These institutions are particularly skilled in assisting with access to industry professionals and creating a talented and versatile work force.

Find your space

There is an abundance of prime industrial land and grade A office space for your business to utilise. Commercial property comes at a lower price than in major urban centres around the British Isles, making the region a great choice for locating your business. 

Centrally positioned in the UK

Boasting an unrivalled geographic central location in the British Isles with access to the rest of the UK, Europe and the World, the South of Scotland is well connected and ready for you. Home to a population of over a quarter of a million people and within three hours’ drive of 14 million people. The South of Scotland has locational advantage unlike any other region in Scotland.

Driving change

The home of natural capital and now accelerating towards the South of Scotland becoming a Net Zero and nature positive region. Do not miss this massive climate opportunity that exists to ensure your business is geared up for future sustainability.

Local support partners

As well as being an attractive place to live, work, study and invest, the South of Scotland has a fair and sustainable business culture. We have a clear vision to be a green, fair, and flourishing region with partners working collaboratively and aligned to that goal.

Exceed your expectations

Accelerate your business to the next level with business support from a dedicated economic development agency specifically for the South of Scotland. Let your vision become your reality.

Why would you look anywhere else?

With an unrivalled geographic location, the South of Scotland is perfectly positioned to reach North, South and across the sea.

The South of Scotland is delivering on its ambition to be the UK’s first Net Zero region. We are the home of natural capital, possessing an abundance of natural capital assets that can support and shape your business.

The region contributes significantly to the country’s renewable energy output, providing a competitive platform for those seeking secure, green electricity for energy-intensive manufacturing, synthetic fuels production and data centres. You will find a wealth of opportunities in the blue economy, with access to two coastlines and strategic ports.

this is your opportunity to invest in an innovative future

The culture of innovation has enabled the South of Scotland to take the lead on exciting new sectors like agri-tech and regenerative agriculture. With a strong agricultural tradition – both arable and dairy – the region is heavily involved in a sector which is constantly innovating. It is a region that cares about its economy, its people and the natural environment. The region is committed to being ‘green, fair and flourishing’, with partners across the region working collaboratively and aligned to that goal.

An ambitious and skilled workforce awaits you

If you are looking for a skilled and adaptable workforce at the heart of your business, then the South of Scotland is for you.  As an ambitious, innovative and enterprising region, we have well-established close ties between the business community and our educational institutions, to shape training to serve your specific skill needs.    

Scotland’s most multi-institution academic campus is located in Dumfries at the Crichton Campus.  This unique academic campus is home to five tertiary educational institutions, training over 8,000 students per year in vocational skills, as well as academic learning, research, and innovation.  

Complimenting the academic and skills offering in the Scottish Borders, Borders College is co-located with Heriot Watt University to provide vocational training opportunities at all levels across multiple faculty areas, including sustainable STEM, health and social care and land-based learning. 

Leading the way as a net zero and nature positive region

With a new economic development agency that thinks differently and significant investment through the region’s two growth deals, the South of Scotland is rightly confident about its future as a net zero and nature positive region – and you can be part of it. No matter the scale of your ambition, the South of Scotland has the space, the natural resources, the people and the expertise to realise and deliver your vision. 


As well as the South of Scotland being the perfect place to locate your business operations, both you and your employees can make the most of the regions stunning landscapes and a vast range of activities right on your doorstep. The South of Scotland boasts incredible annual festivals and events, a rich history, and you’ll quickly learn how strong the sense of community is amongst those who live here.

We’re lucky enough to live in an area that people travel from all over the world to experience, and the communities throughout are excited for what the future holds as the region continues to blossom to its full potential.

If you’d like to learn more about what the region has to offer recreationally and why it steals so many peoples hearts, Scotland Starts Here is the perfect place for you to explore!

Cyclists in Hawick - Tour of Britain

What are you waiting for?

Something exciting is happening in the South of Scotland – shaped by ambition, led by bold individuals, entrepreneurs, communities and organisations. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come and be part of our story and thrive in the South of Scotland.

Ready to invest in the South of Scotland?

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